Global Voices Advocacy - Defending free speech onlineI dedicated this post as part of Zemanta’s “Blogging For a Cause” campaign to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes that bloggers care about.

Sometimes it’s difficult for any of us to be neutral over some issues around us. But does it mean that we have to pay the ultimate price in order to get our opinion out?

I hate the idea that I have to apply autocensorship each time I blog. I’m a part of a society that had enough from being silenced.

Indonesians used to live in silence under the oppresive New Order regime,  and in the new democratic era we begin to learn not to keep ideas, thoughts, worries to ourselves. Because, seriously, we had enough being told to put our head down and move along. Why keep ideas and opinion to yourself? Channel it healthily and perhaps you can give a significant contribution to the society, for the country.

I’m aware that in many parts of the world there are still people who write down their concern on their personal blogs and ended up being harassed, prosecuted and even jailed. This is not right.

Netizens should not be victimized, the right to speak should be respected. No more censoring our blog posts and stop firewalling us from information that we required.

Global Voices Advocacy aims to raised awareness globally about online freedom of speech.  I vote for GV Advox because their mission is clear – to protect freedom of expression and free access to information online through educational guides about anonymous blogging, anti-censorship campaigns, and online organizing.

One thought on “GV Advocacy

  1. I love your blog and great post you have here! Similar to your country, bloggers in Malaysia are also closely-watched by the govt, especially those that are known to be opinionated that can potentially cause “harm” to the country.

    GV Malaysia

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