or dreamy settings in Morocco..

Many back home are clueless about Morocco. They know very little about it.. Sadly, even now, I know very little about it..

Looks tempting, isn’t it?

That is how the Moroccan board of tourism defines the beauties of the kingdom. And in fact, the country is THAT beautiful. One can’t really be mystified by Moroccan beauties through its big cities, but once you’re out there.. well.. you’re simply want to stay out.

For those who might not “feel” the speechless ad, I’ll write you the intepretation.

*Listen to the soft traditional instrument playing

A man, weary he seems, perhaps he has been living a hard live in foreign continent, arrived in a country where he just want to be away from all things that cause his weariness.

No stranger to rejection, he finds it awkward to find a friendly, almost familial welcome at a riad in Marakesh, one of Moroccan royal cities.

Activities in medina don’t slow down along with the setting sun. At Place Djemaa el Fnaa, as the sunsets, the banquet commence.



One thought on “Lost in dreams

  1. Oh! the famous “Marocothérapie”. I laughed a lot when watching it.
    I have just read the interview in which you were in GV.
    I’ll add your blog to my links. I am very interested to know how people coming from Asia to Morocco think of especially when simple Moroccans call them “Chinwa” (Chinese)…

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