Read my back..

..said Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan who received hero’s welcome home by about a thousand of Turks.

PM Erdogan, stormed out of the room, sans adieu to world leaders and economic decision makers after a heated debate with Israel’s Simon Peres at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, never to return.

Aljazeera Reports said that during the debat, Israel’s number one “opened verbal fire” asking what would Turkey do if Istanbul was to have rockets every night.

After failing several times to rebut Israel’s head of state rambling in defense of Gaza attack, Turkish PM finally managed to pawn him. And then, the pissed-off PM stormed out of the room, leaving Davos forum attendees stunned.

“When it comes to killing, you know very well how to kill,” said angered Erdogan.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said that PM’s has given a necessary response.


Regulations for regulators wanted, said parties.

Two Morrocan parties plead a law destined to hamper act of absentism at the parlement — both chamber of representatives and chamber of councelors.

An interesting bit appeared on Aufait, a local francophone daily; given out for free in Casablanca and other big Moroccan cities, Thursday revealed that as many as 70% (perhaps more) parlement members regularly dodge official meetings!

According to a councelor, who requested anonymity, most of the parlement members are “millionaires” who seek a “parlementary titles for benefits”.

“Absentism of the parlement members is a fact reality which reflects their incompetences. Many of them care only to protect their personal interests. And that ruines the image of the legislative institution”, said Youssef Billal, a professor of the political sciences at the Université Mohammed V Rabat, who spoke to Aufait’s stringer by phone.

An official was caught on picture (au fait 14 January, page 2), struggling to solve a numeric challenge… of Sudoku.


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