What about?

It’s about Moroccan international relations with Venezuela and neighbor Algeria.

The relation between Morocco and Venezuela is now far then bed of roses,  about a week or so ago, the administrative capital Rabat officially announced that the kingdom is closing its embassy in Caracas for supporting the independence and foundation of the West Sahara country.

After its independence from Spain, the West Sahara has been administered by Morocco since the 1975,   The kingdom grants an autonomy status to the area.

According to an AP article, Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs hint “growing hostility” of Venezuelan authorities toward Morocco’s territorial integrity, a reference to the Western Sahara, as the main reason of the kingdom’s embassy closure.

Interestingly, an AFP article appeared on Au Fait Maroc said that Rabat’s official source claimed that the closing of embassy is NOT a sign of deteriorating relationship between the two nations.

However, Caracas second that opinion, stating that Morocco’s move was based on “wrong” and “baseless” reasons.

Jillian York who writes for Global Voices Online, compiled the reactions from the blogosphere.

And? What’s Algeria got to do with anything? Well.. The Western Saharawi rebels are backed by the Algeria.

Since 1994, Morocco closed its border with Algeria. About end of 2008, there were some talks about the plan to re-open the borders, but after the thorny situation with Chavezuela, it seems that King Mohamed VI has a change of heart, as reported by the Magreb Arabe Presse.

What’s next for Morocco, Algeria, and Venezuela? It’s a “stand by” and “listen” for the concerned.


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