A couple of hours ago, Barrack Obama was sworn in as USA’s 44th President. Born from Kenyan father and white American mother from Kansas, Barack Obama himself is a concoction of American dream.

In his inaugural speech, he almost didn’t mention the word “race”. Looking back the US history, about 60 years ago the country was a home to caucasians and those who are not. At that era, the “coloured” people were declined to vote.

Today, millions of Americans and non-Americans witnessed how Democracy in USA has evolved beyond skin color.

President Obama knows how to capture the public’s attention throught his speech, hopefully he would be able to capture the attention of both US citizens and international with his actions.

On the lighter side, today my eyes were fixed on a quirky article of today’s edition of Au Fait.

The article was talking about a Javanese dude called Ilham Anas, Obama’s look-a-like.

It’s curious to find a local publication interested by Anas.

The full article is in French but the check it out anyway, besides a picture speaks a-one-hundred-fifty words.

Oh, one more thing..  A Dutch pub in Kuta, Bali introduced a new cocktail called Arak Obama today while showing live on big screen the inaugural ceremony. For those who don’t know what Arak is, click here.


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