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It’s just another day at the newsroom, one tag leads to another.. As I Wikied a religious funeral rites, I got myself wondering if one day people would take funeral as moment to celebrate the life of the deceased beloved instead of taking it as moment to mourn a loss.

I know that I’d love people to appreciate the life (and work) instead of mourning about the dead.


So far, just 25 hectares out of a planned 500 have been developed at San Diego Hills Memorial Park in Karawaci, West Java.

The memorial park has manicured lawns and tree-shaded roads that wind to the hilly compound, a contrast to public cemeteries that are often unkempt.

When relatives skip grave upkeep fees would only mean one thing – eviction.

The gimmick of the memorial park is that once the funeral service is over, people can row a boat across the lake or.. have lunch in the soon-to-be opened Italian restaurant.

You don’t have to worry to get choked on your Ravioli or if your boat capsizes.. You are (do I need to stress this again?) in Funmetery.

Oh.. I nearly forgot to mention that the Hills has A wedding chapel on a hill with splendid views of the lake — and the graves.

I heard the bells ringing.. Better check with the mortician if it’s a wedding bell or other sort.

Don’t you LOVE a good sense of business?


One thought on “Who put F-U-N in funeral??

  1. I think that’s a unique idea, aside from the fact that it is not really the pioneer to start it. People would want some changes in the normal conventional wedding..

    In the case of the funeral itself, even some mainstreams in Christianity believe that a death should be celebrated (because you’re going to be with God, and that’s a score of winning!). Some old tribes in Indonesia have already believed in the same thing and conducted the funeral as a FUN activity.

    So in short, it’s not a brand new idea. But a very un-hypocritical, modern, unique way of running a business.

    Why not?

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