“We both are lost
And alone in the world
Walk with me
In the gentle rain
Don’t be afraid, I’ve a hand
For your hand and I
Will be your love for a while


I feel your tears as they fall
On my cheek
They are warm like gentle rain
Come little one you have me in the
World and our love will be sweet
Very sweet


Our love will
Be sweet very sad
Very sweet like gentle rain
Like the gentle rain
Like the gentle rain”


F-in mellow in Bali thanks to the yo-yo weather. Raining morning, noon and night– short period and drizzles only but enough to turn my good mood barren.


Woke up this morning, still feeling like a Bali newbie. I seem to fail to shake off the holiday feeling. I’ve been unpacking twice since my arrival in Bali– first night of my arrival, then two weeks ago as I bid ‘a plus’ to my roomie Ingrid and ‘adieu’ to the over-expensive dorm we used to live in together.


Now I’m living in a tiny dorm (or ‘kost’ in Bahasa) that looked forever packed by countless stuff on the floor, futon and even bathroom. A stuffed luggage and a duffle bag, those are things I could claim my own as I deboard 23:30 flight from Jakarta to Denpasar end of last October.


This morning, I woke up right after the morning sunray hit my eyes, 5 minutes later the sky started to gloom, then drizzle, then rain..


Until the end of the day, I failed to shake Krall’s “Gentle Rain” off my mind. Well.. Not that I didn’t try.


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